Fulbright NY Open Salons are opportunities to hear about Fulbrighters’ work by doing presentations in a cross-disciplinary, informal atmosphere, for feedback, critique or to instigate thought. Here’s an overview of some of our past salons:

Fulbright NY Open Salon (May 9, 2017)
Our palette of Fulbright presenters featured Juliane Bazzo, a Fulbright scholar at CUNY (Queens College and The Graduate Center) who spoke about her research on the agency of the bullying concept in contemporary Brazil; Christine Garvey, a Fulbright alumna to Italy and an artist, who gave a presentation on her multifaceted work which explores the link between technological advancement and artistic representation of the body.; and Ishita Tiwary, a Fulbright scholar at Columbia University who presented her research on the history of the VHS in India, including its role in the development of the political video news magazine. Event page with speaker bios: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fulbright-ny-open-salon-may-2017-tickets-34018153212# Photographs: https://goo.gl/photos/JQHeCdkmf8PYTUGG6

Fulbright NY Open Salon (Oct 18th, 2016)
Our palette of presenters featured:
Erin Treacy: US Fulbright alumna to Ireland and visual artist who explores visual and conceptual dichotomies through various mediums. During her Fulbright, she lived in a valley of limestone that because of its unique geological history could support dichotomies of both subarctic and mediterranean flora and fauna, which informed her work.
Jasmine Rayée: current Fulbright grantee from Belgium whose expertise is in transitional justice, such as the peace deal in Colombia, and counterterrorism and human rights. She is an attorney who graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ghent University and is pursuing an LL.M. degree at Columbia University.
Dr. Michael Hawes: Fulbright alumnus and President of Fulbright Canada, who specializes in comparative foreign policy with an emphasis on Canada – US, Japan and Korea relations. His most recent book, Canada in a Unipolar World, will be released this month, and he will talk about how the 2016 election might affect Canada and the rest of the world.
Presenter bios and more info at http://fulbrightnysalonoct2016.eventbrite.com

Fulbright NY Open Salon (Jan 22nd, 2016)
Our palette of Fulbright presenters featured Steve Gordon (entertainment attorney and author of The Future of the Music Business), Carol Sterling (educational puppeteer), and Dr. Patrick Blessinger (founder and chief research scientist of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association – HETL). Our Fulbright NY Open Salons offer opportunities to hear about Fulbrighters’ work through cross-disciplinary presentations in an informal atmosphere where feedback and critique are welcome. Event page: http://fulbrightnysalonjan2016.eventbrite.com

Fulbright NY Open Salon (Feb 5th, 2015)
Our palette of presenters included:
Jared Licina – a Fulbright alum from South Africa whose field of expertise is economics and finance. He talked about behavioral economics and perceptions of risk, and how this applies to everything in your life from the housing market to terrorism.
Daniela Candillari – a Fulbrighter from Serbia who is a repetiteur, conductor, composer and founder of Gravity Shift. She talked about Gravity Shift’s musical mission of “telling old stories in a new way” (classical music presented in a new way).
Steven Baete and Jelle Veraart – Belgian American Educational Foundation Fellows and post-doctoral researchers specializing in biomedical imaging innovations. They talked about state-of-the-art MRI technology to visualize the locations and connections of nerve bundles in the brain.
Presenter bios and more info at http://fulbrightnysalon-feb2015.eventbrite.com

Fulbright NY Open Salon (Dec 5th, 2014)
Our palette of Fulbright presenters for December’s salon included Koji Nakanishi, Centennial Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, former Chairman of the Chemistry Department at Columbia University, magician and one of the very first chemistry students to be sent to the US from Japan in 1950 (one year preceding the first Fulbright cohort!); Jet Vonk, a current Fulbrighter from the Netherlands specializing in neurolinguistics and cognitive neuroscience in relation to language & dementia; and Kristin Jackson, US Fulbright Alum to the Philippines and a Philippine-Irish-American choreographer, dancer and teacher currently working on an experimental dance theater production inspired by Gertrude Stein. Presenter bios and more info at http://fulbrightnysalon-dec2014.eventbrite.com

Fulbright NY Open Salon (Nov 10th, 2014)
Our palette of Fulbright presenters included Samantha Fein (US Fulbright alumna to the Philippines), an interdisciplinary artist who will be presenting her current body of paintings based on fractured narratives and psychosocial content; Michael Forster Rothbart (US Fulbright alumnus to Ukraine), a photojournalist whose TED book Would You Stay? documented the unique lives of people that refused to leave Chernobyl and Fukushima despite the risks (Incidentally, he also spearheaded the Fulbright Alumni Photo Exhibit that was part of this year’s Fulbright Annual Conference!); Richard Larschan (US Fulbright alumnus to Ireland/Wales) an expert in 18th century and New England poets who will be presenting on Sylvia Plath’s “Disquieting Muses”; and Carol Wilder (US Fulbright alumna to Vietnam) whose book Crossing the Street in Hanoi weaves together stories of the Vietnam War while exploring media and cultural criticism. Presenter bios and more info at http://fulbrightnysalon-nov2014.eventbrite.com

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