The Fulbright Film Series is a curated showcase of films by Fulbrighters which are highly impactful and further the mission of cultural understanding. The series was initiated by Fulbright's NY Chapter and is being rolled out in partnership with Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. With the aim of screening one film in the fall and one in the spring annually, we'll be featuring films by Fulbright alumni to spark dialogue on social issues.

Open to both fiction and documentary films, a screening committee headed by filmmaker (and Fulbright NY Board member) Jonathan Goodman Levitt reviews films on a rolling basis throughout the year. The curation rubric by which our committee evaluates the films include the following: quality, relevance of topic to Fulbright mission, and involvement of Fulbrighter.

Our inaugural Fulbright Film Series event will be on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and will feature a film screening (the title of which will be announced on October 16th per the restrictions of the film's distributor), panel discussion and reception with filmmakers present. The panel will feature Fubrighters in conversation on the theme of "Filmmaking in ‘Foreign’ Cultures & Subcultures."

Get tickets to our inaugural Fulbright Film Series event through the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema website:

Cultural exchange — and with it a questioning of our own biases — is part & parcel of the Fulbright mission and experience. When conducting filmmaking, journalism, or research as an 'outsider,' what responsibilities do we have? Who gets to tell whose stories, and how do we navigate the line between collaboration and exploitation?

If you are interested in submitting a film for a future screening, please fill out the following form: