The Global Curriculum Toolkit consists of templates and activities that apply an international, multidisciplinary lens into school topics while integrating Fulbright themes. Lesson plans using Fulbright projects are included, along with activities that build international awareness. Each activity promotes a global lens and literacy by incorporating the use of maps and writing through a range of subjects. It is intentionally interdisciplinary and is designed to fit into existing STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) school curricula.

Throughout the years, we have implemented this program through workshops with NYC public school teachers, in partnership with Sarah Lawrence College and Yonkers Public Schools. Teach-the-teacher workshops for NYC school teachers have been held so that they learn how to implement the activities in their classroom, and it is also an opportunity to receive feedback about the activities and how to adapt them to different student bodies. 

School teachers who have implemented the Global Curriculum Toolkit lessons in their classrooms have gotten positive feedback from students and other teachers alike. Teachers who have integrated the lessons into their activities have expressed a desire to continue in further workshops and have given us valuable feedback about developing the toolkit going forward, such as how to adapt activities to younger students who do not read yet, or students in ESL (English as a Second Language) programs.

Each year, the toolkit is updated with activities and lesson plans based on feedback from school teachers, students and Fulbright alumni. Plans are to continue developing and adapting content, and to roll it out to other schools in the NYC area.

Here are some photos of map cards and writings from an activity in which participants mapped what ‘home’ meant to them and wrote about it: