The Fulbright Alumnus-in-Residence Program (FAIR)
The Greater New York Chapter launched the Fulbright NY Alumnus-in-Residence (FAIR) program in 2013, designed to incubate alumni projects that embody the Fulbright mission of fostering peace through international exchange and understanding. FAIR’s aim is to kickstart alumni in their post-Fulbright careers, allowing them to continue the work of international exchange through year-long support and thematic event programming. Each of our FAIR residents have created exceptional programs that have social entrepreneurship and international development as missions. Our inaugural FAIR resident (2013-2014) was Jeremy Xido and our 2014-2015 FAIR resident was Rebecca Davis. Find out more about their residencies and projects here:


Fulbright NY Panels
The Fulbright NY Chapter hosts panels throughout the year on a range of engaging topics. For more info on past topics and panelists, go to


Global Curriculum Toolkit
The Global Curriculum Toolkit consists of activities and templates that apply an international, multidisciplinary lens into school topics while integrating Fulbright themes. Case studies using Fulbright projects are included, along with activities that build international awareness. Each activity promotes a global lens and literacy by incorporating the use of maps and writing through a range of subjects. It is intentionally interdisciplinary and is designed to fit into existing school STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) curricula. For more information, go to


Fulbright NY Open Salons
Fulbright NY Open Salons are opportunities to hear about Fulbrighters’ work by doing presentations in a cross-disciplinary, informal atmosphere, for feedback, critique or to instigate thought. For an overview of past salons, go to


Women in…
“Women in…” is a series of Fulbright women’s panels on current topics. Past panels have included “Women in Tech: The Role of Mobiles & Mapping Toward Resilience & Recovery” and “Women in Tech: Quantifying the Impact of the Arts through Big Data.” For more information on the topics and panelists, as well as links to videos, go to


Youth Mentoring Initiative
The Youth Mentoring Initiative features opportunities for Fulbrighters to mentor youth during a High School Writers program for public school students, held in partnership with Sarah Lawrence College and Yonkers Public Schools. The Greater New York Chapter mentors youth as the students write about diversity, conflict resolution and global issues in these workshops, thereby imbuing an international lens and raising awareness of cultural issues. For more information, go to